Cape Diving International

Cape Diving International

As a member of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) we are committed to maintaining high safety standards in accordance with internationally recognized commercial diving practices, as well as local regulatory compliance. All diving operations are conducted using IMCA-compliant, surface-supplied air diving equipment which ensures that the divers are constantly monitored by our qualified diving supervisors and divers are have two-way voice communications with the surface. Our divers are also equipped with high definition underwater CCTV cameras and lights which allow the diving supervisor to view and record via the TV monitor built into the air diving panel, the progress and performance of the work being performed, to ensure standards are maintained and as part of our quality assurance system. 

Cape Diving International (L.L.C.) specializes in conducting ship underwater hull cleaning & propeller super polishing to Rubert grade ‘A’ standards. With years of experience, our hull cleaning equipment has been carefully designed and manufactured in order to be reliable, safe to operate, cover large areas within a relatively short time and to effectively remove marine fouling without damage to the vessels underwater paint system. Whether the vessel has conventional anti-fouling paint systems or low friction coating, by utilizing experienced and trained personal as was as careful selection of hull cleaning brushes, our customers can be confident that the work is being performed to a very high standard and that they are receiving the most professional service they deserve. 

Our employees are our most important asset to us. With a team of confident, experienced and professional diving personnel, utilizing modern and IMCA certified diving equipment and good facilities, backed by a strong management team; we are able to provide our clients with high-quality workmanship which is conducted in a safe, reliable and efficient manner and to remain competitively priced.

In addition to vessel hull cleaning and propeller polishing, our team of commercial divers also covers a diverse range of underwater specialties as follows: 

  • Photographic Inspections
  •  CCTV/Video Inspections
  • Hull coating & damage assessment inspections
  • Underwater hull cleaning
  • Propeller super polishing
  • Blanking of sea chests & overboard discharges
  • Installation of cofferdams
  • Replacement of transducers & speed logs
  • Replacement of ICCP Cathodic protection & sacrificial anodes  
  • Underwater cutting & wet welding
  • Anchor assist heave-up operations
  • Salvage & anchor search and recovery operations

Should you require any further information on our company or of the underwater services that we are providing, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us or view our stand-alone website here.